Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I recently visited a Niagara Falls garden with a great collection on uncommon plants. (Click on pictures for a better look.)

This Magnolia Edith Bogue has done very well since being planted as a small plant five years ago. In front is a Cryptomeria.

A great grouping of broad-leaved evergreens (except the Japanese maple) include Aucuba (left), Ilex (top left)) Mahonia bealei (centre), Viburnum davidii (bottom left), Skimmia (top centre) and Leucothoe scarletta (just visible in the bottom.

I was surprised to hear the Colocasia Pink China survived the winter with no protection. I tried these myself with no luck.

This is a plant I hadn't heard of. Daphniphyllum macropodum is native to Asia but is hardy here.

I will have to try and find these this year.

Another plant on my wish list for 2010 is Hosta Empress Wu. (This one is not in the Niagara Falls garden, I found the picture online).

This great bamboo is Sasa palmata. I wanted to ask for a little piece of it, but I think it is still a fairly young plant. maybe in a few years.

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