Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flowers Past Present and Future.

October 23 is another beautiful fall day in Niagara. As I was doing some tidying around the garden I noticed a lot of color still. All pictures were taken today. Click on pictures for a closer look.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

There's one thing that can be said about gardening, you can never be sure what to expect.

After a longer winter and a cool spring, I didn't expect much from some of my "marginally hardy" plants. It turns out many are doing things they've not done before. Three out of the four Magnolia grandifloras bloomed well this year. The Eucomis (Pineapple Lily) and Lagerstroemia (Crape myrtle) are both flowering for the first time, although both have been in the garden for years. The Fig has set fruit much earlier than normal, they might even ripen before frost.

View the slideshow below. All pictures were taken today and all plants are winter hardy in my garden without extra protection.

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's been a weird spring. After a very slow start, we had tons of rain, then the mercury shot to 33C. Today it's 20C. For a closer look click on the pictures

Magnolia Victoria is ready to bloom in spite of some winter damage.

Magnolia Edith Bogue has less damage, but no buds yet.

Magnolia DD Blanchard will bloom for the first time, which is strange because the winter was a bit longer and colder than last year.

Magnolia Brackens Brown Beauty was new last year, and it lost every leaf this winter. But it's making a comeback.

Yucca elata

Australian Tree Fern (which spends the winter inside)

Spotted Ligularia is a zone 7 plant that has done well here.

A new Fernspray Cypress

Satomi Dogwood

Sweet Shrub (Calycanthus) has flowers with a Pineapple fragrance.

Cactus patch

more Cactus patch


Alium and Foxtail Lily (Eremurus)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

There is a lot happening in the garden today. Survivors of a long winter and (up until now) cold spring, are clamouring to get out of the soil.
Click pictures for a better look
Allium probably won't bloom for another month, but it's still a beautiful plant.

Arundo donax will be 10 feet tall in August

This Aucuba looks pretty good given that it is in full sun. Shade grown specimens usually suffer less winter burn.

Bergenia Solar Flare.

Brunnera Jack Frost always blooms on Mother's Day.

Corypantha survived the winter.

As did the 3' tall Cylindropuntia.

Erica carries it's blooms all winter, but the real show is in spring.

Fargesia robusta with new culms already 12-24"

Hebe suffered little winter damage.

Helleborus Betty Ranicar

New foliage emerging on the Larch.

Magnolia g. DD Blanchard keep surprising me with very little winter burn. Location, location, location. It's on the east side of the house.

A fragrant yellow Muscari

Omphalodes Starry Eyes is a real gem.

As is Polygala buxifolia

Christmas fern (Polystichum)

After skipping last spring, Rhododendron Blue Peter looks ready to bloom.

The bloom on Sanguinaria plena is short lived but spectacular.

Saruma henryii

Skimmia is one of the strongest broad leaved evergreens in my garden.

Viburnum rhytidophyllum is getting ready to flower.

Even the Finches are enjoying spring.