Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today the temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celius below zero as witnessed by the ice covered sedge beside the fountain.

The Arbutus blossoms are frozen solid, but still looking ok for now.

I took this picture of Abelia Ed Goucher a few days ago. It has been in bloom all summer. I checked them again today but the flowers have disappeared.

Another amazing bloomer is Campanula Blue Waterfall. It has also been in bloom all summer and this picture was also taken a few days ago. The blooms are still there today, but a little more shriveled than they appear here.

The cylindropuntia (foreground), pencil cholla (centre left) Agave (centre right) and Yucca gloriosa (behind agave) seem unfazed by the cold.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December the 2nd and so far we've had a few light frosts. Many plants are still green and a few are still blooming. Here is Viburnum pragense which will keep its foliage all winter.
(Click on pictures for a better look)

Magnolia grandiflora Victoria, though not the hardiest, has done well for me.

A nice evergeen grouping, Prunus laurocerasus (evergreen cherrylaurel, top) Polystichum (Christmas fern, middle) Aucuba (bottom).

This is the first year for the hardy Cyclamen so I'm not sure if it's evergreen, but it looks good so far.

The flower is out of focus (I need a new camera) but this Lithodora has been in bloom all summer. You can't beat the blue color.

I think the Erica (Heather) thinks it's spring. It doesn't usualy bloom in fall so I wonder if it will still flower in April.

Still one of my favourite perennials, Euphorbia amygdaloides robbeia can't be beat for deep green foliage.

It sometimes looks like a forgotten houseplant, but the spotted Aucuba looks great right through winter.

Farfugium Kaimon Dake is a new addition to the garden. I had a yellow spotted form years ago but it died after about five winters. Maybe this one is stronger.

And the Leucothoe Margie Jenkins is also bracing for it's first Canadian winter. I think it will be fine.