Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Palm Survived The Winter

I unwrapped the Sabal minor last week. I had wrapped it with landscape fabric and stuffed this with dry leaves for insulation. I didn't want this to become a compost heap so I thought I better unwrap it. A few of the palm leaves that were pressed against the landscape fabric had frosted but the rest look fine. This plant is on the north west side of my house, and because of a neighbours large evergreen it gets maybe 2-3 hours of sun in late afternoon. This will help it avoid sunburn after being wrapped for four months.
Click picture for a better view.


  1. That is amazing! Was this its first winter? What size was it when it was planted?

  2. Thanks Jeffery. This was its first winter in the ground. I purchased the 7gal palm last year so it was pretty much the same size as now. I hope for a few new leaves this summer.