Friday, August 21, 2009

Well, summer finaly came to Niagara. We've had a few weeks of hot humid weather forcing many plants into growth and bloom. One of my favourite perennials, Kirengeshoma (Waxbells) came into bloom this week.
(Click on pictures for a better look)

I noticed this impressive Albizia in south end St. Catharines has been in bloom now since mid-July

I've added a few new perennials to my collection. I've always liked Stokesia (Stokes Aster) but have never bought one because of their floppy habit. This new one called Stokesia Peachie's Pick stood out because it is sturdy and upright.

Another new addition is Brunnera Diane's Gold. This shade lover has nicely cupped, yellow foliage which should look great once the little blue flowers open in spring.

Finally I took this picture at work of a bee dangling from a yellow Asclepias.

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  1. Great picture of that Bee. I love the Mimosa Tree even if it is a little seedy. I really want to get the purple-leaved Mimosa.