Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is now the middle of June so I thought it was time for an update as to what survived and what didn't.
First the cactus bed came through without a scratch. I wasn't sure that the ones I left sitting in a pot all winter would make it, but they are growing just fine.

The Fargesia (clumping bamboo) sent up many strong new shoots but they topped out at about six feet this year. Maybe it was the cool weather, but I thought they might grow taller this spring. This clump was planted four years ago (I think) as a two foot tall nursery grown clump.
The Phyllostachys nigra (running bamboo, not pictured) is finally producing some new shoots but it will be a few years before these look like anything.

A few plants did not survive the winter. The Loropetalum did not make it, and the Lagerstroemia (Crape myrtle) also did not survive. The Live Oak is sending out new shoots however. I think this is it's third year. The Albizias (both the green and burgundy leaved forms) are leafing out nicely. And the Fig is also sending up many new shoots. It will have to be moved because it is in the way of the burgundy Albizia.

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