Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26 And Still Green

The snow has been gone for several weeks now and it has been cold. Down to about -12 C. I briefly considered changing the name of this Blog from "Niagara Tropicals" to "Plants I Have Killed". In spite of the cold though, here are a few hardy plants that have retained their green foliage. All pictures taken on February 26.

My favourite little Yucca nana.

Amazingly tough Campanula percifolia. And it has amazing blue flowers in spring and again late summer.

You can't see it on the picture, but some of the flowers on the Erica (heather) are opening.

A cute little Dianthus.

Digitalis Spice Island. This is my favourite Foxglove with cool orangy flowers all summer.

If you look closely you can see the flower buds of the Helleborus peeking out of the soil.

Another evergreen fern. This one is called Autumn fern for its bronzy new foliage in spring.

I suppose everyone has seen a Heuchera by now. Still they have their place in the garden.

The Leucothoe did better this winter then in the past, in spite of the lower than usual temperatures.

Euphorbia is not for everyone as the white milky sap can cause dermatitis. But handled carefully it is a great plant.

And lastly a pot of assorted cacti that made it through as well as top left Yucca elata and right Yucca iforgeta

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